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Adhesive Toolbox Labels

Organize your Toolbox Drawers in just Minutes!


Chrome Foil Tool Box Decals, Label and organize your toolbox, never search a drawer for tools again. made from tough Foil Material, stickers fit all Craftsman, Snap-On, & Cornwell chest, Stainless, Aluminum & Steel. Best Quality at Best Price.

  • 2 Sheet Set contains 30 individual coated and dye cut labels
  • “Easy Read” Bright White Lettering with Adhesive Backing
  • Color Coded “Green, Black and Red” for fast Identification and Organizing
  • Foil Material with permanent adhesive backing – holds to tool drawers
  • Permanent Coating – Oil and Gas resistant
  • Good for ALL toolboxes: Steel, Stainless, Plastic, Aluminium, or Wood
Great for your toolbox or your husbands. When you go look for a tool. You can find what your looking for. Even where to put it when you find it wandering. Haha. I thought they came in really handy. Who doesn’t want to be a little more organized ?
L Busch
Buy 1 Set $7

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Magnetic Toolbox Labels $10

OPTION 1 “Magnetic Toolbox Labels”
Option 1 is our Magnetic Toolbox Labels. Label your Tool Chests, for “Easy Read” and quick Organizing. See how easy it will be to find and organize your tools.

Adhesive Toolbox Combo $15

OPTION 2 “Adhesive Toolbox Combo”
Option 2 is our Chrome Foil Tool Box Adhesive Labels “Combo Deal”, for the Professional Mechanic! This lot contains Adhesive Toolbox Labels, Chrome Socket Labels & Circuit Breaker Decals, for “The Man who works with tools” Best Quality at the Best Prices.

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Husband loves them!
Mary Ellen Leone
As a purchaser, I pay a lot of attention to reviews. The negative reviews almost steered me away from these magnetic labels but, for the price, I took the chance and glad of it.
1. The labels DO NOT arrive in some unidentifiable envelope. They arrive in a white business envelope clearly marked AMAZON. The weight of the envelope is also a dead give-away.
2. Theses magnetic labels will stick to your toolbox surface if you CLEAN THE METAL. Most toolboxes have a layer of grease and grime on ’em. De-grease the bloody thing and & the labels will stick. I put the labels on a full-sized tool box, slammed the drawers & moved the thing around vigorously and nothing fell off.
Just wish there were a few blank labels.
If your like me and have gradually accumulated more toolbox storage over time these will be a welcome addition to your garage. I spent hours organizing my tools in my toolboxes, but over time, it became difficult to recall exactly which drawer something was in.

I had thought about buying a label-maker to do this but realized over time I may want to move items and sort them differently, particularly as I accumulate metric and other sets I need. That is where these really come in handy.

Gone are the days of searching for the metric sockets versus SAE. The different screwdrivers I used to store in one drawer just so I knew where to look but they were all so jumbled I had to dig around to find the right one. No more, not with these!

The only caveat I have for you is that if anyone else uses your tools, or is in the garage routinely, these are simply magnetic and can be moved without difficulty. This may not be the best option if you have someone who loves to move things around, like a child, as they are drawn to these things it seems. Short of that or the practical joker who resorts them, you will be pleased you bought these and they will make your time devoted to your projects much more enjoyable and you will spend more time doing than hunting.

If your the type who just throws things haphazardly in a drawer, this will not help you much, if at all. It would be nice if there were more options or kits for special tools or sets than these standard ones but these cover most of what I use the most frequently. It would also be nice if instead of white characters on black they were black on white or had different options, as most of the tool chests I have are fire engine red and I would like them to stand out more, but they are functional.

They are big enough that I can read them without reading glasses and incident light does not create a glare on them prohibiting reading them. These are so useful I have to wonder why this type of kit is not a standard inclusion in the tool chests to begin with.

Dr. Paul Charles Peterson