Chrome Foil Socket Labels + Adhesive Toolbox Deal $9.95 SHIPPED

$19.80 $9.95

Complete your tools with this Special Deal. Get 60 Chrome Foil Labels for your Metric and S.A.E Sockets and a matching 30 Label Toolbox set. Free Economy shipping included!

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Label your sockets, socket rails, nut drivers, and wrenches for “Easy Read” and quick Organizing. 60 Chrome Foil Socket labels for your Metric and Standard Sockets. Plus get a matching Adhesive Toolbox Label set to label 30 different uses. Further, Both sets are color coded for easy identification. Perfectly complement your tools with our durable labels.


Each chrome foil label is made from a four-layer process. as well as  Our permanent adhesive adheres to the socket making a lock tight bond.

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