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See Your Sockets Easily

Without Stressing Out Your Eyes.

The most complete set of socket labels you’ll ever find! Enough labels to cover all your SAE, Metric, torx, e-torx, hex and phillips sockets. Add an “Easy-To-Read” label to all your sockets, today.

  • The Color Coding means you’ll easily see the difference between Metric and SAE sockets.
  • The Large Lettering will make reading your labels easier in the low level light of a garage.
  • Multiple Label Sizes means you can match the right label to a socket of any size.

Positive Feedback! 39500+ Reviews

“Label your wrenches and sockets…find the size very easily…. As your eyes begin to decline, and you can’t see those engravings on your sockets and wrenches….these labels make it easy to find the socket you are seeking.”

James E Martinez – December 27, 2015

Color Coding

Don’t you hate reaching for a specific socket and finding you grabbed a #15 Metric instead of a ⅝ SAE? Now you have to go back to your kit to grab the right one.
(the solution?)

Color Coding

Once our labels are on your sockets, you can be standing 3 feet away and clearly recognize an SAE socket from a Metric. Our brightly colored labels eliminate the guesswork.

Large Lettering

You’re under your car, holding sockets up close to your face, squinting your eyes at each one, trying to identify the etched marking on their surface
(the solution?)

Large Lettering

Apply our labels to your sockets and you’ll easily see the bright, bold lettering identifying the size. They even make it a simple task to find those small ¼” drive sockets.

Multiple Sizes

You’ve tried labels before, but wrapping a giant label around a tiny ¼” drive socket means it’s completely covered in label. It looks ridiculous
(the solution?)

Multiple Sizes

You’ll now have 3 label sizes to choose from. Match the small size to ¼” drive sockets, mediums to ⅜” drives, and large ones to ½” drive sockets.

You Won’t have to Fumble Around in Low Light to Find the Socket You Need.

Treat Your Eyes to Easier Tool Identification.
Do It Today!