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Magnetic Toolbox Labels Mechanic’s Blue

Organize your Toolbox Drawers in just Minutes!

THE MAGNETIC TOOLBOX LABELS IN MECHANICS BLUE AND RED is the ultimate adjustable labeling set for toolboxes. We’ve taken one of our most popular products and given it a complete make over! We improved on the colors, the layout, introduced an even easier-to-read font, and yet, still kept all the great things you love about this label set.

And now you can get them in blue!

Adjustable Magnetic Toolbox Labels fit all Craftsman, Snap-on, Mac, Matco and Cornwell steel tool chest. Now you can organize all your tool box drawers. Never search every toolbox drawer for a tool again. Thickest magnets at the best price.

These labels are great for the professional and the hobbyist. Makes an excellent Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary or Father’s Day gift.

  • 2 sheet set of 30 individual coated and dye cut labels
  • “Easy Read” bright white lettering with magnetic backing
  • Color Coded for fast Identification
Buy 1 Set $10
Newer sockets come with large laser-etched size markings. But that’s no reason to ditch your old sockets. Just clean them and slap on gas- and oil-resistant foil labels with easy-to-read color-code sizes. A package of Chrome Foil Socket labels includes 60 labels in fractional and metric sizes.
The Family Handyman Nov. 2014 issue

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Much easier to read
I have so many sockets…I carry them all in a couple of toolbags. I really like that the metric and SAE are different colors. I bought 4 strips of these labels. You do need to clean the sockets with alcohol before adding the label. I wish there was a different mix of the number of the most common sizes. I still have some stickers on sheet 1 but have used the sizes of all 4 sheets for the most common sizes like 1/2 and 9/16.
Gary D. Ford
My husband LOVES them
He was so excited he could read them without his reading glasses….it’s the small things in like that make you smile! 🙂
I can now easily see the size of the socket!
Trying to figure out what size the socket is can be very difficult. Trying to distinguish silver writing on silver sockets is nearly impossible, especially in low light conditions (ie. in the shed or under the car). Having labels that are easy to read, color coded for wrench size is awesome.
Michael Balk
Outstanding Product!
The labels are very easy to apply and very easy to read. I have had a lot of difficulty reading the markings on all of my sockets no matter what quality brand they are. With these lables applied, I can easily see what socket I need and grab it without having to squint, and strain to find the right one. I am very impressed with the quality of the labels. The big question is yet to be answered……… how will they hold up over time. My first impression is they will last for many years. I would recomend these labels to any who has a sight problem.
Very good!
The labels stick very well after cleaning the area with alcohol per the instructions. My only beef with these so far, is that they’re all the same size. Attaching them to 1/4″ sockets takes the precision of a brain surgeon. My advice would be to keep a sharp blade near you in order to trim off anything that has crept over the edges. I’d buy these again since the price is good and it’s free shipping but a little downsizing on the smaller socket/wrench sizes would be greatly appreciated.
Good product. Easy on the eyes.
These are great. I was a little concerned about how well they would stick but the price was good and I am really having a hard time reading my sockets so I took a chance. Glad I did. I may have gone overboard in cleaning all my sockets in the dishwasher but always figure better safe than sorry. After cleaning in the washer I wiped them down with rubbing alcohol. I used a pair of tweezers and applied the stickers directly opposite the original etched side. I used a micro fiber cloth and sort of worked in the label. I have had them a while and got some of them dirty and since I like to keep mine clean I use a cloth with rubbing alcohol to wipe them down after using. So far, no problems. No lifting and the alky does not bother the coating. I have had only one problem and it is not the labels fault. Got into a tight spot disassembling my table saw to work on a bad bearing and the label got chewed up. My solution is that I had bought spare sheets just for this kind of situation. Replacing one or two at a time if needed beats going blind any day.
Dirk Knowles